Rules and Regulations



Landlord reserves the right to enforce these Rules and Regulations through restriction of recreation privileges, termination of the Lease, or other reasonable methods. These Rules and Regulations are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Landlord; any revisions to the Rules and Regulations shall be provided to Tenant in accordance with Section 15 of the Lease. 


  1. Campground office hours are Monday through Friday, 9am – 5:00pm. Visits outside of these hours are by appointment only. (closed on holidays) Office: 843-315-7199
  2. Any issues or concerns are to be directed to appropriate on duty personnel. Staff members off duty will not be able to assist you. Front Desk: 843-315-7100
  3. All emergency incidents or issues involving a fellow leaseholder(s) or their property should be addressed by calling the local police department. Call 911
  4. All required paperwork such as the lease, proof of insurance, paid tax receipts, and payment must be submitted together. One will not be accepted without the other. Late fees will apply if any of these items are not submitted by the due date(s). If you would like to pay over the phone with a credit card, please make a note when returning your lease and you will be called once the paperwork is received.
  5. By signing the lease, you agree to be financially responsible for the lease for the full year. Therefore, no refunds will be given for the early termination of your lease.
  6. Effective with the 2025 lease, your payment options will be changing. Your lease will be payable in full in a single payment by the due date. Option 2 will be eliminated.
  7. All new and returning leaseholders will be required to fill out an application with the Landlord to secure a vacant lot or purchase a camper or RV. The landlord reserves the right to perform a credit check and/or background check for all new applicants.  Fees may apply.
  8. If the name on the lease differs from the name on the tax receipt (registered owner), proof of ownership for the camper trailer or RV may be required.
  9. A 30 days’ notice will be required for non-renewal of your lease. If this notice is not given, your security deposit will not be refunded.
  10. Quiet time is form 11pm – 7am. Please keep noise levels to a minimum.
  11. Items left behind on a lot when a leaseholder vacates it will become the property of the Landlord. Removal of these items by anyone other than the Landlord will be considered theft.
  12. Camper trailer and RV dimensions will be determined on a per site basis. Tenant(s) must allow room for parking personal vehicles so as not to infringe on public right of way.  Location of camper or RV on site is to be approved by Landlord.
  13. All campers are to remain road ready at all times. The tires, axles, and hitch are to remain intact at all times. Underpinning around the camper is prohibited.
  14. Any alterations, additions, or upgrades of any kind to the Demised Premises must be pre-approved by Landlord.  Any enhancements will require all existing conditions on the Demised Premises to come into compliance according to the Rules and Regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, fences, retaining walls, and use of fixtures.
  15. Only one storage building/shed will be permitted with a maximum of 100 square feet and side walls are not to exceed 8ft tall.  The location of such building/shed is to be approved by Landlord in writing prior to construction.  Tenant is responsible for obtaining all permits and approvals from the relevant governmental authorities for construction of such building/shed and may not commence construction until any and all such approvals are obtained.  Decks and storage sheds are not allowed in Section 2.
  16. Decks will be subject to Landlord’s pre-approval in writing on a case-by-case basis. The tenant is responsible for obtaining all permits and approvals from the relevant governmental authorities for construction of any deck and may not commence construction until any and
  17. Sprinklers, irrigation systems, enclosed outside showers, and outside toilets are prohibited.
  18. No permanent screened porches, awnings, or lawn tarps are permitted. All awnings must be retractable.
  19. Lots must be kept free of clutter and loose items. Awnings should be retracted when no one is present.
  20. Sleeping outside on the lot in a tent, vehicle, or storage shed is prohibited.
  21. Lots must be kept mowed and the outside of the campers or RV clean. If your yard is found overgrown, or your camper or RV is excessively stained by the elements, you will receive a courtesy call or letter. You will have 15 days from that contact to correct. If it is not corrected within that time, we will perform the necessary work, and you will be billed in the amount of Two hundred dollars – ($100.00) – for mowing and Five hundred dollars – ($500.00) – for pressure washing.
  22. Parking is limited to your individually leased lot and Springmaid Blvd only. Parking is prohibited on vacant lots, the Landlords open spaces, and lots in which you are not the leaseholder. If you are parked on an empty lot, and a new leaseholder arrives with their camper to move in, your vehicle will be towed at your expense.
  23. Dog or other animal kennels are not permitted. Allowable pets are dogs and cats. Dogs must be on a leash anytime they are not contained in a camper, RV, or vehicle. Cats must be contained at all times, either in the camper, RV, vehicle, or carrier. No other animals will be allowed in the campground. The owner must also ensure the pet does not disrupt the “quiet environment” of other guests due to excessive barking. Pets are not allowed in the pool areas, putt-putt course, or in any of the restaurants. You are responsible for any damage your pet may cause and for disposing of their waste. Landlord reserves the right to revoke your pet privileges if you do not keep your pet on a leash, pick up after them, or if your pet is found to be aggressive or a nuisance to others.
  24. Fireworks, firearms, paintball guns, BB guns, and explosives of any type are not allowed anywhere in the Campground or the Resort. The use of laser pointers directed at aircrafts is strictly prohibited.
  25. Flying of drones or other unmanned aircraft is prohibited.
  26. Flags may be flown on the Demised Premises provided: (a) flags are flown from flagpoles properly affixed to the Demised Premises so as not to create a hazard to Campground or Resort guests, staff and property; and (b) any such flag is the officially recognized flag of the United States of America or the officially recognized flag of any state comprising the United States of America. No other flags or banners may be displayed.
  27. Golf carts and other motorized vehicles are allowed on designated paths and shall be parked only within areas of the Campground or areas of the Resort, if any, permitted by Landlord. The speed limit within the Campground and the Resort is 10 miles per hour.  All golf carts or other motorized vehicles must be safe, road worthy, be labeled with the appropriate and identifiable sticker provided by the Landlord, and shall be operated by licensed drivers only.  No golf cart or other motorized vehicle shall be used after dark.  No more than one golf cart is allowed per site.  Landlord reserves the right to revoke your golf cart privileges for operating it in an unsafe manner, operating it by an unlicensed driver, repeated parking violations, or for speeding.
  28. Skateboards, bikes, golf carts, hover boards, and scooters are prohibited on all sidewalks, parking garages, and pool areas.
  29. All vehicles, including mopeds, golf carts, and personal vehicles, must be properly registered and tagged to operate in the State of South Carolina. Commercial vehicles cannot be parked on our property.
  30. Tenant shall dispose of household trash in the receptacles provided. Tenant shall be responsible for proper and lawful disposal of their own construction and landscaping debris. Yard and construction debris must be taken to Horry County Solid Waste Authority. Dumpster/container space may be provided at a fee with prior approval of the Landlord. Yard debris may not be blown into the roadway or on other lots. No trees may be removed or trimmed.  Tenant shall not disturb any sea oats or dunes. Recyclable items shall be disposed of in the recycling containers provided from time to time by Landlord.
  31. A member of Tenant’s immediate family must be present when the Demised Premises is occupied. Immediate family is defined as spouse, mother, father, siblings, and children.